An urban integration demo by PETROBRAS

This project funded by the brazilian utility Petrobras was to install three HCPV systems in a parking lot area for urban integration. The systems were installed in the SESI (Serviço Social da Indústria) facilities.

This project has been funded by the Brazilian oil company Petrobras. It required the installation of three HCPV systems in a parking lot area in the city of Natal within the the facilities of SESI (Serviço Social da Indústria).

TRACTEBEL’s technology survey for Brazil

This project was funded by the Brazilian utility Tractebel Energia. Its target was to test a set of 7 different technology and engineering options for the production of photovoltaic electricity, in a set of 8 different locations in Brazil chosen to sample the different climates and environmental conditions in the country’s territory.

HCPV was one of the chosen technology options, and BSQ supplied all 8 x 13.44kW systems. Another of the system options that is tested, is that of two axis tracking PV, and also here the trackers are supplied by BSQ.