Technical data

  • IEC62817 certified
  • 13.44kW power output
  • Azimuth-Elevation pedestal tracker
  • 53m2 collecting surface
  • 0.1º tracking accuracy:
  • Enabled to track the sun also in tropical regions
Standard BSQ-D280/53

The BSQ-D280/53 CPV system has been engineered to optimally integrate BSQ’s D280 module technology, achieving optical quality stiffness, subdegree pointing accuracy, and extended tracking range, to deliver the highest energy production at cost effective cost .

0.1º pointing accuracy

Using auto-calibrated open loop tracking control, the tracker achieves 0.1 degree minimum average pointing accuracy.

It efficiently manages wind and night stow positions for safety and reliability.

Supplied software monitors and controls system performance


  • Numerically optimized aperture surface for least structural weight and cost
  • Auto-calibration for maximum tracking accuracy
  • Landscape collecting surface profile for least shadowing loss
  • Wide range of motion for maximum energy harvest


  • Hot dip galvanized structure
  • Controller design according to electrical safety and EMC standards
  • Controller tested at harsh climatic conditions
  • IEC62817 certified