Technical data

  • 280W @ STCDNI 1000W/m2
    25C cell temperature
  • 28% efficiency
  • Geometric concentration: 820X
  • Impp=4.0A, Isc= 4.3A
  • Vmpp=70V, Voc= 78V
  • Collection area: 1m2

STC: DNI1000W/m2; 25C Cell temperature


Description & Features

With the largest operating track record in the market, the BSQ‐D280 HCPV module combines high efficiency, a very high concentration factor, wide acceptance angle non‐imaging optics, and a simple rugged design to provide sustained and high density solar energy output especially at high DNI and high temperature locations.


  • Very high concentration ratio of 820X
  • Unique dome‐shaped concentrating Fresnel lens with top dimple produced by automobile headlamp manufacturer to maximize acceptance angle pointing tolerance up to 0.9°
  • Secondary optical stage based on kaleidoscopic optics to create a uniform light flux over the cell
  • Integration of high efficiency triple junction cells with average efficiency by 1st tier manufacturer


  • Kaleidoscopic homogenizer and three‐junction cell, both packaged in
    a fail-proof receiver block
  • Over 30yrs lifetime for encapsulation of polymers in the receiver block when subjected to accelerated aging under the most critical conditions
  • Only requires passive cooling with cells directly laminated on the receiver block and no fin heat sink
  • Certified IEC62108, IEC61730-1 and IEC61730-2