Technical data

  • Typical supporting surface 5, 10, 25, 30m2
  • Subdegree tracking accuracy to comply with CPV technology
  • Supporting frame devised to adapt to different module sizes
  • Available with integrated weather station
  • Optionally supplied with foundation kit
High accuracy laboratory sun tracker

We design accordingly to your needs. Tell us about your project and your requirements!

These laboratory trackers are something unique in the market as they combine high accuracy subdegree sun tracking accuracies, with a sturdy tracking strcuture with aperture surfaces of as much as 48m2, especially designed for holding different models of CPV or PV modules of different sizes.

Designed to support different models of CPV or PV modules of different sizes and manufacturers

They can be supplied with a complete weather station, including sun radiometric instrumentation, enabled for remote monitoring thorugh internet, and also with the monitoring and remote operation software developed by BSQ Solar.

Non invasive foundation kit is also available to avoid the construction of slab-type foundations where these are not possible.

Customization options are possible, we will design and supply to meet the needs of your research project.