Laboratory Sun Tracker HASTLA

These laboratory trackers are something unique in the market as they combine very high subdegree sun tracking accuracies, with a sturdy tracking structure with aperture surfaces of as much as 10m2, especially designed for holding different models of CPV or PV modules of different sizes and manufacturers:

  • Custom designs to meet the needs of research groups
  • Integrates BSQ’s high tracking accuracy technology
  • Can be supplied with non invasive foundation kit and adaptable supporting metal frame

Low profile CPV system designs

We design and produce customized HCPV systems with reduced heigth and/or enhanced landscape type aspect ratios. These are optimal for installations and power plants were visual impact has to be reduced due to environmental reasons.

    Tipical characteristics:

    • Peak power output: 5 – 7 kW
    • Maximum heigth: < 5m
    • Landscape aspect ratios
    • Simple assembly and maintenance without needing manlifts